About Us

Tint Incorporation Pte Ltd's branding and quality of has received recognition from leading automotive and building developers in Singapore as well as in South East Asia.

Over the years, the company has built a strong team of well-trained  group of certified applicators to provide highest standard of workmanship with reliability. Our films are highly recommended and applied in the high-end automotive sector and various automotives dealers.

The company believe in continual investment in research and development for innovative and higher performance products to ensure that Tint Inc. provides products which are beneficial to consumers as well as environmental friendly.

Our Tinting Films Promises:

  • Rejects Ultraviolet rays
  • Reduces Glare and Eye Strain
  • Reduces Interior Fading
  • Adds Class to Glass
  • Reduces the Risk of Injury form Flying Glass in an Accident
  • Rejects Solar Heat
  • Improved Air Conditioning Efficiency
  • Blocks Scorching Heat
  • Cooler Auto Comfort
Blocks Infra-Red Radiation
Blocks Ultraviolet Radiation