Automotive Tinting

10 Years Warranty 

TINT INC. warrants our Professional Quality Automotive Window Films against bubbling and peeling.


No Joining 

One Piece Installation fitting perfectly even on curved windows. 


Dust Free 

Installation in Dust Free Environment. 


Reduces Glass Failure 

Better Security & Safety with a thickness of 2 mil that helps hold shattered glass in place and also scratch resistant. 


Bubble & Crumple Free 

The superior adhesives and rust free technology coupled with professional installation cuts of the possibility of oxidization cracking and peeling.


Clean & Dust Free Environment


  • Our Assurance
  • Rejects Ultraviolet rays
  • Rejects Solar Heat
  • Reduces Glare and Eye Strain
  • Reduces the Risk of Injury form Flying Glass in an Accident
  • Reduces Interior Fading
  • Blocks Scorching Heat
  • Adds Class to Glass
  • Cooler Auto Comfort
  • Improved Air Conditioning Efficiency